love & lifestyle photography

where i've been; winthrop family vacation

one of my fave scenes - so peaceful
nephews be like
local flavor
my ham & his cousin
my girl in plaid & her winthrop bestie
museum, cafe & murals
beautiful  - inside & out - Traub girls
they be growing
girlfriends forever
my Littles & I accidentally coordinating
A mish-mash of iphone & big camera, day & night, Winthrop & surrounding area with family & friends.  It has become a bit of a sacred place for the 70+ in our growing party.  Some come for the first time, while other families holidays - such as my own - predate my birth.
It's an annual tradition to unplug from devices, reconnect with special people, and pass down such skills to our children.  On the beach.  Licking Ice Cream.  Biking the desert.  Eating Mexican.  Climbing mountains.  Smooching S'mores.
Plus we know people with boats!  Next year I must get a LifeCase to document our time on the water: tubing, skiing and wakeboarding.  I haven't slalomed for a few years now, but, not to brag: I can get outside the wake on the wakeboard.
I just can't get back in.  Real professional.
Where's your sacred spot?