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little cabin in woods; kootenays photographer

Mountain peeks, cathedral trees, cabin roofs and chapel spires.
My people unplugged in a cabin in the East Kootenays for 4 days.  While my family hunt, I shot pretty pictures of our fleeting fall.
Together we shared time, little space and board games aplenty.   The hyper-active boy, however, threw a wrench in the face of our peace.  For most of us, there could have been more silent reading and less action-games.  But Pictionary won out because, wrench, face, peace.
But we all appreciated a change of scenery.  On what was supposed to be our 2nd-to-last day, we awoke to fresh powder and - although picturesque - we deemed it a happy thee end to our cabin stay.

See more fall trips w/ short people coming up.  And if curious, ask my daughter about her trophy.  It's in the freezer.