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baby arianna in pink; kootenays newborn photographer

I think pale pink was made for baby Arianna.  Her caramel skin, dark hair & pouty lips compliment the cotton candy color as if it was made for her and her only.
Although she also rocked the varied-pink camo hat (from Grandma) as ode to her bow-hunter family.  What a dolly!

FRESH offers a Baby Plan with discounts for multiple shoots within a years' span ie: maternity, baby shower, baby announcement, newborn, 6 months, 1 year and offers Gift Certificates for Christmas etc.  
Newborns should be photographed within first 12 days, to capture them with clear skin & bendy limbs and sleepy - read more cooperative - like Arianna, above.  January is booking up so be in contact if you would like to secure a spot! FRESHphoto-at-gmail