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wedding - y highlights 2014

Oh. My. Word. What a year 2014 was!  It was a pivotal year for me, creatively speaking.  I fell in love with off-camera flash, some new people and nature in a big way.  I continue to learn to read natural light.  And I am taking command of my business on many levels.
I accept when someone doesn't book me because I am too expensive or otherwise or too far away.  I don't take it personally nor do I attempt to remedy the situation.  It is what it is.
And I'm reaping some pretty pictures as a result.
I loved the bohemian, the resort, the country, the meadow, the picnic, and the mountain weddings. I loved them all like my babies and hope you've enjoyed the shares from my digital photo-album. My Facebook wall has become like our office where we share some water-cooler banter. I like our banter.  And I love and rely on your support to keep my sanity; thank you cyber-office-mates. Because really, this office-for-one with white, non-padded walls can get lonely.
You'll see these captures and more in my website overhaul.  Because 2014, you were that pretty!:
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