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what my christmas looks like; kootenays photographer

reindeer antler shed from Anais' trip to Quesnel

I used to get upset at my mom for opting for "pretty" over traditional when it came to our Christmas tree. I remember giving my head the slow-shake at her red lacquered faux-apples.  Now I am her, complete with disapproving daughter.  I would love to abandon pretty much all of our decor in favor of a white and copper Christmas.  Except it's just for 4 weeks of the year, soooo, it's red and metallic for us, again.
What has changed is that I definitely put up less "stuff".
I like greenery in select places, the white tree was relegated to the front porch with the little white lights and white kid-made wreathe.  And the scent of evergreen permeates the main floor.  We top our hand-selected fir tree with a red tin star and decorate with silver and red Christmas ornaments.  Deer heads seem to be a reoccurring theme.  They've found their way on our walls, on our art, in our display of succulents and in our tree.  We may have over-done it.
But I did let the kids use a controlled amount of tinsel - a previously banned substance - for the tree for the first time. I consider that progress.