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baby-redemption; kootenays photographer

faces of Liz
After cancer
After infertility
After invasive procedures
After quiet hope
After an emergency birth

This is baby-redemption 
This is Elizabeth

Elizabeth displayed her sparkling, easy-going personality for the entire session, refusing to close her eyes and sleep.  If you saw eyes closed, she was blinking.  No joke.
And then this New Years' newborn went home and slept through the night!
I'm thinking of ways to market this as a wondrous side-effect of a FRESH baby session. What new parent wouldn't sign up for sleep?
In all seriousness, I have been blessed to play a small part of some very BIG things.  Like photographing a secret proposal in the park and designing an adoption profile for some of the most deserving humans on earth.  The former said "yes!",  and the latter is experiencing the joyful pains of raising a now-toddler.  And nearly every summer weekend, I get a front- row seat to two people committing themselves to each other.  For life.
But getting to know this couple, quietly via their maternity session, email correspondence and now as new parents to this bright-eyed beauty in her grandfather's Christening gown, I stand amazed and humbled.  I can't thank Elizabeth's parents, and each of my clients, enough for inviting me into your life.  Time and time again you invite me in, let me see who you are, and let me share your stories.
I appreciate you.  Thank you.  I hope I have served you well.
And isn't that mustached man-grin just the best?