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black & white winner; evoking you photo challenge

It's nice to be recognized.
Really, I think it's required fuel to keep me going when I work from a home office with an itty-bitty window to the outside world.  That's both literal and figurative, as I spend a great deal of time with my butt in a chair, reflecting upon what I saw/witnessed/felt on a different day.  
It can be an amazing gift.
I have the pleasure of focusing my life on what is good.  Good light.  Good people.  Good memories.  Good feelings.  
It's especially amazing when editing day is gloomy and I get to reflect on the bonding time I shared with new parents or family reunited or build an album for newlyweds.
But with the gift comes a challenge: I seem to live a lot of my life online.  I edit with a double screen and use social media alongside my photo-editing.  Because I'm online a great deal of my day, I've gotten acquainted with photo work I admire and, more importantly, the gorgeous people behind the gorgeous imagery.  But I've never met most of my online friends.
An image of mine was recently selected as Evoking You Top Ten Black and White images.  As I said, recognition is nice, even required sometimes for motivation.  But the sweetest part of this was that I shared the EY spotlight with online friends Jessica Downey of Jessica Downey Photo, Arizona and Jayme Ford of Paper Deer Photography of Red Deer, Alberta.  Seriously, I cheered as much for them as I did the happy-dance for me.
I hope one day - Jessica and Jayme - that our online and real worlds will collide.  The doors to my cozy home in my little mountain town are wide open!

Get-my-butt-outta-my-chair Goals 
Immediate: take a walk 
Regular basis: keep clicking "like" and commenting when someone inspires me and maybe invite a convo
Longer term: meet some photography masters @ Canada Photo Convention, Vancouver, like, face-to-face!