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portland's ace hotel; photographer travel diaries

My little family traveled to Spokane, Vancouver and Portland over Christmas break.  My favorite new sights were definitely in Portland.  While my boys caught the Trail Blazers - vs - Raptors, my girl and I hit downtown for a photo-walk after dark.  We parked across from the food trucks - the many many food trucks! - and set out on foot to explore.
There we found that Portland's Ace Hotel really is ace with Stumptown Coffee, a library and a bar attached to it's lobby.  We sipped hot cocoa, admiring the sights, the people and of course took our turn in the vintage photo-booth!  I would have curled up in the woolly blankets, next to the record-player with my cocoa and a dusty book from their library for the night if I could get away with it.
But I tore myself away to marvel at string-lights in alleyways, stately storefronts and Cathedral architecture with my new favorite travel companion.
When we hit a bit of a sketchy street, she said, "it's OK mom, I prayed."  She's quite the faithful adventurer.