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sage; kootenays newborn photographer

 Sage: 1 - one (as a profound philosopher) distinguished for wisdom

           2 - a mature or venerable man of sound judgment

Six pound Sage was so sweet to me.  He let us play dress-ups, pose and experiment with a painting of his doggie and mama's maternity belly cast. (While I offer baby props, I also like to allow room for your sentimental items as well.)  But the sweetest frame - even sweeter than this micro Rosslander in trademark toque or his thumb-sucking ways - is newborn Sage nestled in his parent's tender arms.
Their affection was not put on for the camera.  Even while I handled Sage in between sets, his sweet parents cuddled and coo'd and collectively marveled at their baby boy.  They seem so well suited to handle this thing called family.