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sunday aft drive

Windy mountain roads, lakes and waterfalls were on the adventuring agenda for our Sunday afternoon drive.  Like all great adventuring, the idea began as a walk, which progressed to a hike, which grew into some waterfall searching, which led to to the windy road, which curved its way up a mountain, which meant the inevitable cliff scaling and rock hurling and moss sightings and sunshine.
So much sunshine in February.
The growing and morphing and changing face of our adventure led to conversation about getting lost to get found.  This means more to my family than most - for those of you that know our story.    Thankfully we have a story of being found, physically, mentally and spiritually.  Even still, searching and seeking and striving come pretty natural to us.
And of course February means we had to do our annual, choose-our-next-house, below the snow-zone, search.  Because February is when we've typically had enough of living on a mountain-top in winter.  And there is always something better/bigger/warmer, right?  But this crazy February weather looks as if it's going to oblige.  
I don't know how I feel about that.  On the one hand, we have ski passes to punch and on the other, we have new decks to christen with globe lights and patio parties.
Our let's-pretend-search brought us to a heritage home on the Arrow Lakes where mama could kayak out the front door, dad could wrench on his motorcycle in the garage and kids could beach-comb or any of the above.
But then we walked in our front door of our still-snowy abode - the one we felt led to, after-all- and felt happy to be home.