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spring break, sand-point stuff

we saw stuff on spring break.  and it was so spring-y!  our first outing was to sandpoint, idaho where we stayed ... on the beach, played basketball ... on the beach and chased gulls ... on the beach.  some other sandpoint sights:
> Lady Liberty, gulls, kids & feet at City Beach
> Mick Duff's Brew Pub unloading - with potatoes in the vintage truck.  Idaho potatoes!
> Pend Oreille Winery Restaurant
> Leave your fancy pants at home!
> Youth (no doubt) celebrating a wildly successful anniversary of 3mos in an underpass - how romantic!
> True success story of  small couple in an underpass - how romantic!
> Art Alley - word.
> Elk en mass
> Back home to mountains & snow on pass