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courtney, obviously; kootenays photographer

This is Courtney.
We bonded at the Canada Photo Convention over common wolf t-shirts.
Like many photographers, she doesn't like to be in front of the lens.  But professional development often requires personal stretching and questioning one's core beliefs.
Sometimes about oneself.
Often about oneself.
I don't know Courtney well but I know she likes to laugh, she's a mama who doesn't take herself too seriously and does a mean wolf howl.
She is also lovely, obviously.
But what is obvious to others - including the ol guy caressing her hair in the pub - is not necessarily obvious to ourselves.  That's why it's great for photographers - for anyone - to get in front of the lens, experience the feels, step outside of oneself and see how other's view us.  And to attempt to look at ourselves objectively.
It might be terrifying.
It might be liberating.
It might help us get to know ones' self better.

I followed my own advice & get in front of Courtney's lens HERE.