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journey & destination; nova scotia

Life is so much about the journey - the one-step-in-front-of-another - and not just the destination as we rediscovered on summer holidays.  Our flight over the Rocky Mountains - that's one biiiig step across Canada  - proved this is a vast and beautiful and marvelous place, worthy of exploring.
We got reaquainted with the East Coast and shared some of the Good Stuff with our East Coast family:
warm copper rocks and wavvy water
bucolic blueberry fields and home-made pie
little farm houses with few fences
pastoral rolling hills rolling into the bay
seal heads bobbing in water
seafood feasts of lobster, scallops and clams
6th generation Adams' brook fishing for speckled trout
bright lighthouses, inspired architecture and lively farmers markets
and chippy white paint
lots of chippy white paint!
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