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rob & fiona marry; kootenays wedding photographer

Rob and Fiona are an exceptional couple.
They invited their guests - and even their photographers - to participate in the sacredness of their marriage ceremony without distraction.  We literally put cameras down to absorb their beautiful readings and honor their vows.  It went against every fiber of my being to put my camera down, but I picked up their reverence and joy in its' place.
I wish both could be done simultaneously.  I come to every wedding with an open heart and leave changed by the people I encounter.  But being invited to participate in a wedding ceremony, rather than document it is a first!  I'm an even bigger fan of the unplugged wedding because I have witnessed the difference.
And then we had some fun with bubbles!

photographer - FRESH Photography 
associate photographer - Leslie Chisholm
coordinator - Wink Wink Events
florals - Bellaflora
prep + reception - Kaslo Hotel