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banjo, jarrah & wilder; kootenays family photographer

Mini explorers Banjo, Jarrah and Wilder in their natural habitat.
Welcome to some serious lifestyle photography where bedhead is encouraged, spills are celebrated and making messes is the name of the game. It's real life.
And real life with toddlers means brushing teeth while standing on the counter, making tea and dripping honey, reading books in bare feet, diapering dolly and picking fall flowers in the front yard. At least for the hour we shared.
Banjo - in his mini-man-bun - was the official tea-pourer. Jarrah was the honey taster. And Wilder, well, Wilder's new so his role is yet to be determined.
Hanging out with these guys a few times, I've learned a few things.  This time I learned that middle-Little Jarrah was named after the native Australian jarrah tree - Australia being the family's 2nd homeland. Besides being both resilient and beautiful, it's useful for honey. Every other year when the jarrah flowers bloom, bees pollinate the tree and make honey. Wonderful honey that Jarrah's family make in Australia and send to the Canadians for their tea. And spoon licking.
Their session took place at their cozy condo at Red Mountain (so these Aussies can be close when the snow comes).   They like to keep things simple and their priorities straight.
I tried to be unobtrusive with this sweet little family but let's face it, toddlers let nothing go unnoticed.  What would your lifestyle session - or a gift for someone else - look like? Washing the dog in a sudsy tub? Icing a pile of pink doughnuts? Or eating cookies cross-legged on a colorful quilt?
Thank you, mini explorers, for inviting me over and into your world.  I like what I see.