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noah & hayden; kootenays family photographer

A new job
A new Jeep
2 gorgeous boys
& some stellar styling by mom
Brandi's family killed it for their FRESH fall session.  The boys kept me entertained with their model ways (umm, Noah) and their funny faces (Jerry McGuire kid look-alike, Hayden.)
I can hear their giggles through their imagery.  I triple-dog-dare you to ask a FRESH family - even dad - if they had fun!
This fall I have fallen in love with families.  If you would have asked me a year ago, I would have gladly dropped families from my repertoire.  There's always a little reluctance and more than a little chaos involved with family photo sessions.   Mom's know, the struggle is real!  But this year I have learned to embrace the chaos.  I am learning to better read light, find ultimate locations, coach clients and now carry two cameras to keep up with your little people!   As a result, your families are quickly growing to be a favorite of mine.