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chelsea maybe; kootenays maternity photographer

Chelsea and I chased the light.
It was, literally, a car chase.  We left our houses in the streaky sun to our 1st meeting place down the mountain in a belt of fog.  We made a 2nd meet up above but passed a premium 2nd spot on the way. We got in our cars, again to chase the light successfully.
There was an exchange of messages with weather reports from friends at different elevations - hello, mountain life! - and we got the OK to go higher.  Again #4 paid off but mostly because of Chelsea.
Chelsea had an adventurous spirit, braved the freezing cold in a cute dress and even
knit a toque for the occasion.
Hello, mountain life!
I mean, she stood in snow, sat in snow and full on laid in a snowbank to make some art.
If baby girl is as adventurous as her mama, she will move mountains.