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baby in knitting box; kootenays newborn photographer

little green square started during maternity session
maternity session knitting
blanket knit for baby
This is what happens when you randomly ask a young married mama-to-be if she knits.  The answer is sometimes yes.
Following mama Melissa's knitting maternity session - see here - baby in a knitting box. 10 day old, 10 lb Roman was named after his Great Grandfather.  The vintage crate also came from his dad's family on the prairies.
If our session is any indication, this little man is quiet, content and all kinds of awesome!
10 lbers are for sure a favorite after Roman's newborn in-home lifestyle session. It just so happens that their passive home had perfect light for a little studio sesh as well.
He's smiling, I'm smiling. Smiles all around.