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nature / nurture - julia's boudoir - rossland, nelson photographer

MMA fighter
badass knitter
former barista
outdoor enthusiast

Julia's boudoir - sharing those "safe for work" - reflects her joy at beginning a new chapter.  She smiles and giggles a lot, but there are layers to this girl.  Plaid flannel and lacey panties.  Boyfriend shirt & bikini.  She enjoys yoga, mountain biking and working with animals.  And she doesn't mind being semi-nude in the forest when people happen upon our forest trail;)

She's headed from the Kootenay mountains to the west coast to work with marine mammals and wanted to mark both an end and a beginning with this session.  A boudoir session might seem a mostly physical exercise, but the mental and spiritual experience is immeasurable.  Stay tuned for more of Julia both literally & figuratively, as she shares her sentiments and bares all.

And ... if you cross-stitch it, it must be true.