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spring break walks; rossland, nelson family photographer

Spring Break Yo
We didn't stray too far this spring break. There were a lot of kid plays and photo work and dog walks and photo ops during dog walks.  It was all kinds of good.
This day Anais was rocking a dream-catcher shirt with an aztec poncho and a headband.  Why choose when you can wear all 3?  Ryder wore stripes and about the only pair of pants that fit this ever growing 10 year old. It's a good thing he's growing because he plans to enter the NBA at 19.  I tell him our dog walks are training for the NBA and all Anais needs to know is that we're going out in nature.  Nature girl.
Our new "mountain dog" is turning out to be a little less mountain and more, let's-rest-on-mat-by-heating-duct kind of dog.  Apparently he takes after me.  But we drag his butt outside once-in-a-while.  Just like me.