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on boots & trespassing; kootenay photographer

Wandering alone in some sketchy parts of downtown Spokane, I happened upon a storefront that looked abandoned.  Through the grand floor-to-ceiling windows I spied display units with treasures left behind, shelves half-filled with half-constructed boots, a rotary phone, papers with curled edges pinned to a bulletin board and a scratched hot water heater in the entryway. A layer of dust muted the colors of all that remained.  It was the epitome of hipster cool minus the self-conscious construction and Instagram'ed coffee.  

As if the vibe wasn't enough to beckon me inside, there was a sign flipped to "Yes We Are OPEN" in the window.  While I reasoned, "can't be open," I felt my hand on the knob.  It opened.  I sort of felt like Nancy Drew as I walked inside and marveled at the mess and relics.

The machinery, stained work benches, hand tools, smell of oil, and the all-man-environment seemed vaguely familiar.  I was reminded of jamming a brake pedal, with short kid-legs extended, while my dad bled the brakes in one vehicle or another in his garage.  Finally he would emerge with an old hanky-as-rag, wiping his blackened hands and letting me know I was done helping.

Just then - I kid you not - an older guy with dark, weathered skin and a cowboy hat sauntered to the front.  I must have taken a cue that there was nothing to fear from his white cowboy hat.  The man had kind eyes, long fingernails, wore a turquise button-down and had a rosary tattoo on his right forearm.  At that moment, I was in story heaven!

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