love & lifestyle photography

alaskan ashlee & australian josh; kootenay adventure & lifestyle photographer

wind wiping hair
girl stealing hat
laughter of something said in her ear
joyful un-seriousness of it all

My time on the coast with Alaskan Ashlee and Australian Josh was sheer joy.  We were giddy to be at the ocean shores, learning from some of the giants in our industry, and sharing stories of photographer-dom.  But those story-lines were secondary to theirs.

Ashlee and Josh had just met, face-to-face after starting their relationship over continents via Skype.  They had communicated for months before Josh landed in Seattle for his tour of Western USA.

It was kind of special just to be around them at this time.  But I wanted our time together to reflect the wildness, ruggedness and unpredictability of both the terrain and their new relationship. They now have record of what they deemed "the best 2nd date ever!" Blessings to you, guys.