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take your broken heart, make it into art; kootenays photographer

 take your broken heart
make it into art
- carrie fisher

This winter has been a long exhale.  I've been able to visit family, lounge around with my kids and take a break from paid work.  Granted, I'm only 9 days into 2017 but those 9 days have felt great.

I'm realizing the importance of breathing room for myself as an artist.  Summer brought beloved weddings, autumn brought a record number of fun family portraits and a crushing realization about the world via the US presidential election, - cue broken heart - and winter brought Christmas craziness.  Highs and lows people, highs and lows.

Without a season of rest & refuge, creativity drains.  I know I'm not the only one.   And I don't have any life-changing advice or words of wisdom.  I just know I have more to offer - as a person, parent and creative - when I take my version of rest.

From this rest, creativity rises like a Phoenix.  This session is a re-visit to a styled collab.  I initially broke it into two features - light & dark - but re-imagined those pieces united.  You know, like real life.  Light & shadow, yin & yang, broken heart & the art.  I've also included some of our process, below.

May this season bring rest and art to those places of your heart that might be a little bit - or a lot - broken.

BTS - behind the scenes - with florist Kyla, and tattooed beauties Bree and Candice (also acting as make-up artist) at the fabulous Bellaflora - Herridge Lane & Bree's charming apartment, both in Nelson, BC.  There's some moody stuff in here before dark & moody was such a thing.