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My family headed to Palm Springs for spring break.  We loved the sunshine, fro yo and floral & fauna.  Our time in Joshua Tree was especially magical that we had to go twice, just to soak some more in.  More desert air, sunshine, cacti, bouldering and joshua trees.  I love adventuring with my people!
Much more to come of our time in the desert, including our own couples' session, a couple's session with L.A. friends and some desert selfies too.

National Park-ing with Teenagers II
Our journey, despite their objections, to Joshua Tree National Park

When your kids don't want to vacation with you anymore
Take them anyways
When they'd rather be connected to wifi
Take them to nature anyways
When they say they don't like camping
Take them camping anyways
When they repeatedly remind you that they'd rather be home with their friends
Take them, but not their friends, anyways
When they complain about hiking
Take them hiking anyways

When they say they don't like you
Take them anyways

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