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forest, wellies & a frozen lake; kootenays maternity photographer

Robyn is a return client: from bridal portraits and a previous newborn session.  She's simultaneously soft - in her demeanor - and strong - in her resolve - and has the kindest eyes. Her April maternity session took place before the big thaw.  Our backdrop of forest, wellies and a frozen lake made for an authentic West Kootenay vibe.
We trekked across a snow-covered park for this set! Snow shoes next time.
When asked about her story, she had this to share: [our last baby] was our rainbow baby, this one is icing on the cake!
I am trying to learn to be more gracious to myself. To focus less on what I am "supposed" to be (whether that's based personal or societal expectations) and to embrace the process. I was so hard on myself not only with my last pregnancy, but in the aftermath. Trying to keep the body, get the body back while at the same time being and doing all the things a modern, strong mama "ought" to be doing--at least as social media tends to depict it...
Within it all, there is still the lack. 
It's never enough, even when you've arrived. I won't say I have fully learned to just be, yet. But the operative word is yet. I am learning
Thanks for sharing your story and yourself with me once again Robyn.  You're a vision!