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jill's beach maternity; christina lake photographer

Jill's maternity session morphed from simply beach portraits to beach, river & epic waterfall portraits.  And I'm not mad about it.
Her toddler daughter joined us at the beach - where the Alberta family was vacationing - at Christina Lake, BC.  They nicknamed her "Mowgli", as in 'The Jungle Book' character.  Verb. /Mo-glee/ To Mowgli is defined as climbing, shimmying, or otherwise gathering ones self atop an object in a fashion reminiscent of Mowgli.  - Note the energy, motion, splashing and stick in her portraits;)
Meanwhile mama Jill was the picture of bohemian loveliness.  I would have been pretty stoked about this set alone, but there are 2 other locations to share.
Summer at the lake is pretty awesome though!