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how great thou art; kootenays family photographer

Leaf fight and laughter on the driveway, cute boots, farm animals and the perfect autumnal glow.  Selena's family session was almost too much goodness in one serving.  Like a king-size Wunderbar - with all of it's chocolate, smooth caramel and peanut butter crunch - when a snack-size would suffice. (Post Halloween reference.)
There are times when there is almost too much emotion for me.  Like watching a Joy Prouty film, singing acapela in church or reading Rupi Kaur's Milk and Honey.  I need to step away to absorb the emotions and process all the feels.
This fall family session gave me pause.  The cute couple was making out in front of their kids.  The girls had constant smiles and squeezes for each other and their farm animals.  The light was all glowy and lovely and we hiked their own private lookout to watch the sun dip below the mountain valley. Glorious!
Just thinking about it makes me want to sing an old timey hymn.
Or eat a Wunderbar.  I better make it a snack-size.