love & lifestyle photography


I AM ...
twinkle lights & typography 
old things & new coffeeshops 
sometimes bangs; sometimes not
& pear cidar on the patio

a little different 
prioritize people over party
will show me who you are 
don't mind being featured after all your hard work
& someone i'd love to work with!

why: i love what i do & fall a little in love with you through my lens
where: on location , from Rossland, Kootenays, BC & invite travel  
when:  shooting weddings for 20 yrs   
what: formulating unique plans; clients can expect all things fun & FRESH
how: clients are asked to use heirloom pieces or visit their fave saturday-morning shop for their session
what else: former English teacher loves to unearth and share stories, visually or behind the desk at Kootenay Wedding